Thursday, December 3, 2009

Remember the Tuxe-Do’s

I guess not so many men can wear tuxedos nowadays. Aside from it being so intimidating, it can really cost a lot so many don’t bother going the extra mile and attempt to wear one. Tuxedos however, are very much ideal and suitable to wear when and if you need to go to formal events, parties and gatherings. It absolutely makes the wearer fit in with the crowd. In order to confidently wear the tuxedo, why don’t you keep reading about mens fashion, yes? This will probably give you hints and useful pointers to looking and feeling great in a tuxedo.

First up, make sure the event you are attending is indeed formal so that to wear a tuxedo is acceptable. Next step is purchasing the tuxedo you’ll be wearing. Now, you’ll need to start with a good place to buy one. There are lots of options out there readily available for you so it won’t really have to be a problem. You can either go to a tailoring shop or go online to buy one. Check on your budget. This is important in guiding you as to where and what to purchase. The item should fit the budget and not the other way around except if you have some to spare.

Once you have decided where to purchase it, go on ahead with choosing the cut, color, fabric and design. There is a need to feel comfortable in what you intend to wear. You can proceed with the details such as shirts, shoes, ties and watches after this. Pay attention to your date’s dress, if you’re taking someone, detailing and color of the tuxedo you intend to wear. It is better to compliment the date rather than overpower each other which is not very nice to look at so be very careful. When you have taken care of all these, probably the only thing to do now is look and feel confident. Remember, how you behave and move will directly reflect the comfort level you have with what you are wearing.

So you see tuxedos are not that hard to wear. Take these simple pointers to help you in any way with your tux. You do not need to feel intimidated and scared rather, the other way around. Get moving and get that tuxedo now!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Animals Wearing Tuxedos

Who wears tuxedos best? You guys? Think you’re not the only ones who have the guts and looks to don up a tux. These fascinating animals too.

Penguins are great wearer of tuxedos, I noticed. Though they wear the same black and white color all their lives, they still hold that cute and cuddly look. What more if you add a bow tie?

How about this tux style? Isn’t he cute? Actually, this prototype is a standalone robot 3-D avatar. His creators are pretty cool, though.

Hmn, quite regal in a tux. Think he'll still bite?

Looks like this duck is beaming with pride. Hey, what you have is only a bow tie.

Have you seen a multi millionaire monkey? This is how he will probably looks like. He sure knows mens fashion. Cool!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get the Job You Want!

In this dog eat dog world, where the saying “survival of the fittest” rules, one can really say that in order to stay in existence, one must step up against other people to be able to reach for what they want.

Even looking for a job may seem like a battle, having hundreds, or probably, thousands, who also want the job you wanted to land. It will not be easy to topple down all of them. They will attack from everywhere and they will prove that they are better than you, altogether pointing out that they deserve the post. Applying, therefore, is like going out into the battlefield-- you might as well bring out your weapons!

What are the things you need to pass interviews and eventually get hired?

First, there’s the undeniable value of professionalism. Any company would want an employee who will emanate dedication to work and who will always be ready in any time. As what others would say, work is work, despite occurrences. To be truly professional, one must always remember to come in early, avoid absences and be consistent in giving good performances.

Second, DRESS WELL. In order to be a professional, your look must be that of a professional. You don’t have to be extravagant in the choice of corporate attire. What’s important is sticking to your own personal style. Wardrobe should not be that expensive. Women can mix and match simple pieces to create the perfect look. As for men, they can find exemplary affordable suits from mens clothing stores giving them a wide array of choices: from classic mens suit to bold pinstripe suits.

Third, always keep a good and happy relationship with your boss and your fellow employees. It’s a pretty simple advice for somebody who wants to keep his or her job.

Last but not the least, show drive and zest in every task asked from you. Remember, employers love to have people who are dedicated in what they do. In order to be productive, one must be happy with the things he or she does.