Thursday, October 15, 2009

Animals Wearing Tuxedos

Who wears tuxedos best? You guys? Think you’re not the only ones who have the guts and looks to don up a tux. These fascinating animals too.

Penguins are great wearer of tuxedos, I noticed. Though they wear the same black and white color all their lives, they still hold that cute and cuddly look. What more if you add a bow tie?

How about this tux style? Isn’t he cute? Actually, this prototype is a standalone robot 3-D avatar. His creators are pretty cool, though.

Hmn, quite regal in a tux. Think he'll still bite?

Looks like this duck is beaming with pride. Hey, what you have is only a bow tie.

Have you seen a multi millionaire monkey? This is how he will probably looks like. He sure knows mens fashion. Cool!

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